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USA Today

You can see my posts on USA Today College from the 2014 Spring semester here.


Here is my biography on the website.


One of my stories was shared on social media sites two thousand times and another was featured on the USA Today home page for the majority of the day.

Here are some highlights...

A breaking news article of mine about the Obama administration's report about sexual assault on college campuses made it to the home page of USA Today's website for the majority of that day.

I interviewed multiple homeless college students to see how they dread the summer months. Here is the story.

Studies show women underestimate themselves in various areas. College women aren't exempt from this confidence gap. Some argue women need to 'lean in.' Others say society needs to change, not women.

Not all college democrats were rooting for Hillary Clinton to become president in 2016. This story was shared on social media sites two thousand times.

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