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The Boston Globe

Within the first two weeks of my summer at The Boston Globe, my article was published on the front page. In my time as a correspondent in the Business department, I not only was often responsible for the breaking news desk, but wrote daily business stories covering a wide range of industries. I was regularly featured on the Business section's front page and centerspread.

As I covered the breaking news desk and online coverage of Boston's business scene, I worked on a long-form article about Black representation in the city's business schools, interviewing numerous students and administrators to understand problems of inclusivity and marginalization in a region with some of the least diverse business classrooms in the US.

For this A1 story, I traveled across the Northeast to follow a group of hardline herbalists protesting the patent of a commonly-used remedy called "fire cider." But what was imagined to be a cold-hearted corporate monster was a small-scale herbalist group defending themselves from "capitalism." 


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