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Indian Express

Here are my favorite clips from my three years at the Indian Express.


Fauci Interview about COVID-19 in India


Not social media, data and boots on the ground gave BJP its edge in 2019

Why are so many Indian Americans planning to vote for Trump in 2020?


George Floyd and anti-CAA: Could this be the moment of reckoning for leaderless movements?

Tik-tok takes over in India


GROUND REPORT: Women labour migrants left behind in return to work 

GROUND REPORT: Key ration portability scheme hits snags

Police hunker down on social media in the run-up to Ayodhya verdict


Glaring gaps in the number of corona testing labs

The Texans behind Howdy, Modi

How BJP used data to turn beneficiaries into a voting bloc in 2019

Narrative: Virus as a metaphor, until it’s not


Back-stories and chitti tales: Indian Americans on the US election campaign trail


Saying #MeToo differently




Stop app: How Chinese companies came to dominate India’s digital space

India’s largest conglomerates bank on data center infrastructure


Inside India’s algorithm-driven biryani industry worth crores


The story of the political WhatsApp forwards


Right-wing digital vigilante group outs “anti-national” posts after Pulwama


ELECTIONS: An uncle and a niece duel it out in Bihar


ELECTIONS: Bihari students ponder job prospects in tense general elections


ELECTIONS: YouTubers become political news stars


The first police murmurings to trace the source of WhatsApp forwards


The language problem of the World Wide Web: How to tackle the growing non-English Internet?


Should public policy positions in tech companies influence content decisions?

Regional parties see success on India’s version of Instagram



Documents show Facebook's "locally illegal" takedowns

ELECTIONS: Low-profile consulting firm manages BJP data

ELECTIONS: Most BJP Facebook ads come from outside party 

BJP requests Facebook for takedowns during 2019 elections





NEWS (technology):

BJP flags 'rival' Facebook pages before elections

Farmer's Protests: the Government tackles dissent on Twitter

Immediate shutdown of Kashmir post-370 abrogation: Not a single dateline from the Valley the day after


With television black out, news from Pakistan comes from social media


WhatsApp forward limit hurts political forwards


India sides with Russia and China on global cyber crime


India’s data bill ‘Orwellian’ power


India’s contact tracing app (Aarogya Setu) predict hotspots with only 1/6 positive cases 


Pegasus news puts WhatsApp on the defense, part 2

Jharkhand elections require a rethink for digital strategy


Government plans migrant database and job portal after migrant crisis




NEWS (health):

Health infrastructure only one per cent of Smart City Projects

Urban frontline health worker program neglected

DATA: COVID-19 spreads to the Eastern states

India’s early testing strategy logic

Exclusive Interview: India's ICMR takes first steps against COVID-19


COVID-19 positivity rises in random resting amongst symptomatics 


DATA: How India’s COVID-19 testing, cases compare globally

Data Analysis: Migrant trains head from red zones to green


Data Analysis: COVID hotspots continue to shift


Data Analysis: Bihar becomes worrisome COVID hotspot




NEWS (migration and urbanisation)

GROUND REPORT: Eastern states brace for a second migrant wave home 

India's first migrant policy, explained

Exclusive: India's first migrant policy

Urban sewage plans: to dig or not?

Exclusive: Tap water connections new focus of government



NEWS (misc):

GROUND REPORT: Lawyers help detainees entrapped in anti-CAA protests and arrests

Exclusive interview: Assam’s NRC coordinator speaks up

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