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School of Oriental and African Studies, London

Masters in Arts in media and technology                                                                                                                              

2016 – 2017

-- Achieved highest marks (Distinction) with a focus on the convergence of media and technology

-- Dissertation about a lack of ‘human doubt’ in news and information algorithms with a review of the philosophy of the mind, artificial intelligence philosophy, and media studies; Essays about Silicon Valley ideology; tailored research for news pieces


Emory University, Atlanta                                                                                                                                        

2012 - 2016

-- Journalism and International Studies major, African studies minor; GPA: 3.9; Studied abroad at the University of Ghana 






Washington Post, South Asia correspondent

December 2022 - present

-- Part of a small team covering the region, I focus on both breaking news and features. Clips include investigative reporting on Twitter, Adani, solar, and coal. Clips cover a wide range including culture, defense, conflict, and politics.

Fulbright Research Grant, researcher

April - December 2022

-- Researched digital work in small towns and villages in Jharkhand and Kerala; reported journalistic articles alongside academic research, including a long-form reportage with FiftyTwo about small-town Indian women who are fueling the AI pipeline.

Radiolab, reporter 

June - Sept 2022

-- Helped the National Public Radio podcast conduct audio reporting and interviewing in India for an episode on SciHub

Internews, researcher

February 2021

-- I researched and compiled a memo examining diversity in Indian media and pinpointing the leading DEI actors., magazine journalist

July 2021 - January 2021


-- I wrote tech-focused magazine stories about India’s first women-led gig worker movement, efforts to code India’s low-resourced languages, facial recognition bias, a virtual currency in Auroville, and solar technology in Jharkhand

-- One of my stories from this fellowship won a RedInk award in Science and Technology


Earth Journalism Network, grant

September 2021 - February 2022

-- Wrote a series about energy and labour that was published with; ground reporting included coal mines in Jharkhand and a solar park in Madhya Pradesh; produced three videos and multiple data visualizations

World Bank, research assistant

July - November 2021

-- I compiled research about major climate hazards in Nepal, Pakistan, and Bangladesh for a journalistic interactive project. The project will be published in the coming months.


Indian Express, National Bureau reporter in Delhi                                                                                          

April 2018 - July 2021


-- I began my three years focusing on technology’s intersection with society and politics including American and Chinese technology companies in India, the ruling party’s use of data, and policing of social media speech.

-- Regularly featured on the front page and agile in my topics, I jumped on covering COVID-19. Creating a significant rupture in the country, I interviewed Dr. Anthony Fauci at the peak of India’s brutal second wave, bringing a dire prescription to India’s paralyzing situation. Several stories led to major government reactions, such as my data-driven analysis of testing infrastructure in periphery states and exclusive interviews with top officials and corporates in charge of the pandemic response.

-- I transitioned to covering migration and urbanisation, tracking how COVID-19 was changing labor, surveillance, and social security. Within my first months on the beat, I immediately broke stories about water planning and migrant labor policies.  

--  I traveled throughout Bihar to cover the 2019 Indian General Election. I also recently traveled across Pennsylvania to cover the 2020 US elections, with a series of front-page features describing post-industrial towns, the politics of the suburbs, and the shifting voting preferences of Asian-Americans. I also wrote a feature on the US elections for Bloomberg Businessweek Magazine.

Wall Street Journal, Intern at Atlanta bureau, 52+ hours/week                                                             

May 2014 – August 2014      


-- Bylines on Page 3: Atlanta’s BeltLine, Atlanta’s civil rights museum, Georgia’s gun law, and Hurricane Arthur

-- Acted as weekend breaking news monitor and substitute/assistant beat reporter for the Georgia Senate Race, tobacco company merger, breaking public health news and more

-- Had more than 20 bylines on and more than a dozen in the newspaper, featured prominently on homepage, published video, and successfully pitched feature ideas

CNN, Intern at The Row at Atlanta headquarters, 20+ hours/week                        

Jan 2015 – May 2015

-- Participated in editorial deliberations regarding bias, fairness, and other ethical questions

-- Examined scripts and online stories as the last stop before publication

-- Shadowed various departments across the newsroom

Boston Globe, Business Intern, 50+/week                                                                                                     

June 2015 – August 2015

-- Wrote more than 40 clips from serious business news to feature pieces, including a centerspread long read about diversity in Boston’s business schools 

-- Made it to the front page within the first two weeks of my internship

-- Acted as the breaking news reporter for multiple weeks

USA Today, Collegiate Correspondent                                                           

January 2014 – May 2014

-- Wrote one article a week about college-related topics for the USA Today College section

Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Education Intern, 12 hours/week                               

August 2013 – December 2013

-- Researched and traveled for a Sunday A1 story about schools’ corporal punishment, investigated board candidates’ tax liens, wrote obituaries once a week, and produced videos regularly

The Emory Wheel, Executive Editor, Emory’s news organization, 20+ hours/week          

November 2013 - January 2016

-- Led the staff of 30 through a digital transition; Brainstormed pitches, assigned and edited stories, designed print layout

-- Hired as assistant news editor in the first month of freshman year 

-- Reported on controversial and university-wide stories including racial tensions, sexual assaults, and university lawsuits

KCBS Radio, Intern, Bay Area radio station, 12 hours/week                               

May 2013 – August 2013

-- Wrote anchor scripts about crime, major Bay Area events, breaking news, and more; Recorded dozens of demo podcasts

-- Traveled to cover the SF plane crash, gay marriage Supreme Court decisions, Zimmerman trial, and more


Palo Alto Weekly, Intern, Palo Alto’s weekly magazine, 18 hours/week                                 

May 2013 – August 2013

-- Wrote front-page features as well as covered crime, breaking news, city council; Produced video packages

PolitiFact, Intern, Bureau at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 12 hours/week                    

January 2013 - May 2013


-- Researched the accuracy of politicians’ claims, wrote fact checks such as metro front page Chick-fil-A investigation




⚬ Second Place in OPC of America’s Hal Boyle Award

⚬ The Society of Publishers in Asia Award

⚬ RedInk Award in Science and Technology Reporting

⚬ The Society of Publishers in Asia award in Technology reporting

⚬ Longlist for Covering Climate Now Award and the Polestar Award

⚬ Reuters Foundation Training in Human Trafficking Reporting in Delhi (2018)

⚬ South Asian Journalism Association (SAJA) Scholarship (2015)

⚬ Emory’s Tom Chris Allen Journalism Scholarship (2013) 

⚬ Emory’s Grace Abernathy Journalism Scholarship (2015)



⚬ Proficient in data stories using Excel and Google Sheets, AP Style, WordPress, InDesign, Photoshop, Final Cut Pro 10, Illustrator, Audacity ⚬ Fluent Hindi, Beginner Spanish ⚬ Solo travel experience in India, China, Ghana, Europe, South Africa, Morocco, Turkey, and more

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