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Journalism Classroom Work

Here is a website I created for a Digital Media class exploring press coverage of Obamacare. I used various news applications and interactive graphics.

All of my video projects from my News Video class are posted here. This is my keynote project:

Lunch with Doc Shulman

“Instead of browsing through the library, I browse through the cafeteria,” associate professor at Emory’s School of Medicine Neil Shulman says in his nasally, rough and very, very slow voice. “I don’t have a specific agenda when I talk to someone ... I know it’s not normal — what I do.”

An American-Muslim balance


​Atlanta is home to a growing Muslim population. What is noteworthy is the uniqueness of this population. It’s a throng of Muslim-Americans who manage to embrace both cultures in their identity and experience Islam in their own way.

A Facilitator of Assimilation

​Three years ago, James McDonough was working in the corporate world and had been for 28 years. He needed and wanted to do something different.

So, in 2009, he came to a career services in a Goodwill store run by Catholic Charities Atlanta. There, he began teaching immigrants how to speak, read, and understand English.

Gainesville: An Amerian Hotspot for Immigration

​A look into Gainesville is a look into the various butting heads immersed in the immigration debate. All the contrasting dimensions surrounding this issue make this point of contention extremely heated and difficult to resolve. Until all those actors look at this image and see the same view, they will never reach consensus.

The Individuals Behind the Immigration Debate

​That, I think, is a problem in our debating. So often, people discuss immigration by grouping up all immigrants into one clump — one clump that they can stereotype, label and judge. They clump the Agustines and Davids together to speak about immigrants as one collective group.

​A Fake Obituary

Most Americans cannot spell his name.

Most Americans cannot pronounce his name.

But virtually every American knows the threat that his name evoked.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the sixth president of Iran, peacefully died in his sleep on Friday. He was 56.

One Immigrant's Story 


A lot of people ask Lopez why he came here.


“Sometimes, I don’t understand why I came here.” Eight years ago, David Lopez was a 27 year-old playing soccer in south Mexico. After the end of the game, his friend ran down from the stands and asked him if he wanted to go to America. Lopez simply replied OK.

"I am American"

​He said he does think about whether or not he is an American, especially when “the guys” tell him he isn’t an American because he doesn’t speak English and because he doesn’t have an American birth certificate.

“I tell them, ‘Hey, I don’t need a paper. I am American,’” Lopez said. “You no like it, there is nothing I can do for you.”

Here is Clarkston


"'Clarkston, where is Clarkston?'" asked this city’s mayor, Emanuel Ransom, mimicking ignorant passersby, while speaking to the group of journalism students later that day. "People come right through this city and never even know it is here."

It’s true. I didn’t know Clarkston was here.

As I live comfortably in my Emory home, away from the actual problems in Georgia, here is Clarkston.

What Obama's Win Means

​Regroup, rethink and re-brand.

Those are the Republican Party’s three next steps, according to an informal poll of Atlanta residents.

“The Republican Party needs to rebrand and get more in touch with what conservative Americans find important,” said Democrat Jenny Monroe, one of 20 people interviewed at Emory Commons in Decatur on Monday.

Here, I Am Different

​​​​The first thing that hits you is the smell.

“It’s the body odor, I think,” my aunt said.

I am 100% Indian, and yet India is a foreign place to me. There you go. Here is another story about an American-born Indian discovering her roots.

​​​​​Claiborne's Speech

​“We’ve got to read the Bible in one hand and the newspaper in the other,” Claiborne said in his thick Southern accent in Emory University’s Glenn Memorial on Tuesday evening. “I think it’s really time to talk about what God’s dream is of the world.”

Cultural luggage or empty suitcase?

This prayer that happens five times a day at the BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandi is the face of a retained culture.

And when it comes to the newly diverse county of Gwinnett — a county that rapidly transformed from a predominantly white to only half white population — preserving your motherland’s culture is a part of life. But is it the right way to come to this country?

A first look at the Catholic Charities Atlanta

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​She never knows who is going to walk in next.

For 20 years now, a manager of the Catholic Charities Atlanta continues to relive that mystery every moment as she sits at her desk in the front of a warehouse-like room at the back of a Goodwill in Atlanta.

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