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College Work

​Emory Wheel
   As assistant news editor of Emory University's biweekly newspaper and website, I work with reporters, create the budget, assign stories, edit and produce five news pages. I was hired as assistant within the first month of my freshman year.
   As staff reporter, I cover student-related topics, including obituaries, events and university policies.
   See my work here.

Daily Californian
   As a high school news reporting intern for UC Berkeley's biweekly newspaper and website, I covered university policies, underage drinking, lawsuits and more.
  See my work here.

Emory University is one of 55 U.S. colleges undergoing an open federal review regarding its handling of sexual violence claims on campus.

In the episode, the anchor said that since a recent Supreme Court case “ended affirmative action,” its “loyal followers” should find students “who are only here because of affirmative action.” The anchor concluded, “Proven methods here at ‘The Dooley Show’ include lynching, tarring and feathering and cross burning.”

The report states that the committee released the recommendations several months late and, therefore, could not provide “timely advice to the [College Dean Robin Forman].” At the same time, the report goes on to state that the committee chair, Sociology Professor Tim Dowd, informed Forman last summer that the committee would be making these recommendations.

“How do you reconcile the stark difference between your rhetoric of diversity and your actions of cutting diversity?” she asked Wagner.

If there is room next to you while you eat in the Dobbs University Center, this stranger may ask, “Do you mind if I sit down?”

His shaggy, untamed grey hair sprouts out from his head like a lion’s mane, and his body is consumed by a grey suit, a green knitted vest and an oversized pair of blinding white pants that he occasionally pulls up while he walks. He is short, and he carries no briefcase or bag, just a set of manila file folders stuffed with disorganized, illegible notes and papers that stick out from the pile. 

After lying down in his uncomfortable sleeping bag, he looked straight up at the roof of the shelter.

In Sharpie, he read the written words: “You chose to be here.”


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